Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Donald Trump

I've been thinking this morning, as I sit in my chair with my tea and cell phone, Donald Trump.

It's amazing, yet relevant that he is the President elect of the United States.  I think his presidency will be audacious.  He possesses the right character and disposition for these current times.

Off the subject, yet cohesive with the presidential topic, I began too think about clemency.  The cynic in me says presidents are elected partially due to who they will grant this privilege.

Right and wrong all to often blend our world into various shades of gray.

I look forward to seeing how Trump will maneuver his office and how he will deal with foreign affairs.  But I've got another question lurking (right or wrong touché, ahh!!!)...who will Trump grant clemency?

Does that beg the Mutha *uckin' question, shit, I guess I'm just asking.

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