Thursday, February 9, 2017


As I examine various parts or pieces of my life, I often wonder how they all fit together.

A puzzle, unlike life, has a picture to follow. If you look at the pieces, separate the colors, put together the corners, create a frame and fill in the center, keep building upon your work, eventually you complete or put the puzzle together.

I was looking at life and putting the pieces of it together based on a picture I don't understand. In other words, how did I get here? And really, as I think about it, is the picture I've been using even correct?

The picture I've been using is my life as it looks now. If I complete my puzzle based on this, it falls short of the ultimate destination. I can only complete a chapter of my life this way.

I think I'm going to choose a different strategy. I think I will put the pieces of my life together with the picture of me smiling, beautiful and glorious.

This way, each piece, good, bad or indifferent, makes me smile because it's me, Donna!

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